Does Uber ever 'deactivate' riders?


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You can report him and Uber will warn him , but he will not get his rider acct deactivated.

Then he probably rated you bad for not helping him finish.


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Deactivation? That's a crime. If you want Uber to do something report it to the police and then report to uber that you reported this crime to the police department and they will likely be contacted by law enforcement to get the customer information. That will get Uber tap dancing.

This was is a sex crime.


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Well a rider who had sex in a car got permanently banned AND charged for the cleaning. Even if they aren't banned they'll be warned and the incident will be documented in case this is their hobby.

Boston Guber

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I had a drunken fare threaten me with a sexual abuse allegation. She kept calling me over and over because she had no clue to where she was & I canceled. Uber banned her & I actually received a call from an operations manager apologizing.