Does this quest make kaaboo worthwhile?

Would you/will you attempt this quest?

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Didn't work it last year, but I imagine it's a proper cluster F. An extra $10.50 per ride may make it profitable, but I'm wondering if getting those rides will even be possible with the amount of drivers there will be swarming the pickup zone.


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Are you kidding?

Man, 7 trips for $75 is close to as good as you will EVER see from Uber.

Count your blessings and do it.

I just checked my Quest vault, and they are offering me $75 as well... but for 50 rides.

I don't really care anymore, because I no longer kill myself for Quests, but yours is
a good one... one that even I would do.

Edit; I see that your trips must begin in Uberzone, which makes the Quest less
attractive, but it's still very doable.

If you're planning on working Kaboo anyway, that extra $10 bucks per ride will
help offset the annoyance of picking up pax and taking them back to their cars
parked along Camino Del Mar.


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I received an email from uber. It said the only people who can get the bonus are those who received notice by email

Here is the fine print

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I cant seem to find the quests and boosts anymore in the app itself. How can I access these where can I find them?

Werent they under the Promotions tab in Earnings? Seemed to disappear for me.

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Oh yeah, thanks. Never seen 2 Quests before. I feel so appreciated now :smiles:

I have the same one, so I will probably do it.
Swipe to the left of the Quest and there should be the 2nd quest. It's kind of hidden if your not looking for it. I didn't notice the 2nd quest they gave me on Labor Day until another driver brought it to my attention.


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They strictly enforced that the pickups had to be in-zone to qualify for the promo. Isn't worth an additional 10/ride to make the trip unpaid time 45+ minutes longer.


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This was a bust. Good surge rides on surrounding streets with little traffic... Not worth the wait to get in lot

Carlsbad Steve

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I was one and done with the dust bowl after my opening recon ride on Friday. I'm laughing at all the drivers down their breathing in dust and ruining their cabin filters for a $75 bonus. Greed plays tricks with the mind, have to keep your common sense to overcome bad mistakes!
I completed it in the the early afternoon traffic was not bad. I got out of there for the late night and went downtown worked ok for me.


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I got a ride from DT to Kaaboolshyt and got the fug out of that sheetshow dustbowl ASAP which took about 15 mins so I just had to snap a pic of this dedicated All-Star Uberer on the way out. Is this any of you? :biggrin: