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Does Progressive offer Period 2 and 3 coverage?


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Hi, I am just signing up with Progressive rideshare. Their cost is 75 per month vs 132 for SateFarm. Does Progressive offer Period 2 and 3 coverage like StateFarm?


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Does Progressive offer Period 2 and 3 coverage like StateFarm?
Unless you have a full COMMERCIAL INSURNACE POLICY WITH PASSENGER ENDORSEMENT and your own passenger transportation authority, insurance coverage during period 2 and 3 is EXCLUSIVLY provided by Uber/Lyft insurance.

People, having a rideshare rider/endorsement onto a personal auto liability policy does one thing and one thing only: Allows the policy to remain in force effectively "bypassing" the commercial use exclusion exemption of the policy.


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Neither State Farm nor Progressive offer any third party liability coverage in Periods 2 and 3, though both provide COMP/COLL deductible gap coverage in those periods.

A commercial livery policy or GEICO rideshare policy provide the only true "three-period" rideshare coverage, but purchasing those is akin to purchasing redundant coverage since Uber and Lyft by law already provide primary coverage in Periods 2 and 3: typically $1MM liability, $250k UM, PhysDam ($1000 DED with Uber, $2500 DED with Lyft).

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