Does PPA raise vehicle requirement year up every year? Will it be 2008 on 1/1/18?


Just wandering if having a 2007 vehicle driving for Uber will expire at the beginning of next year. I don't know if they move it up every year or if it stays at a certain year requirement for a few years before they bump it up.


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Well I started 3 years ago a 2006 was the oldest you could have you're driving a 2007 3 years later you're doing pretty good

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Reminder Notice to All Owners of 2009 Taxicabs:

On November 4, 2016, Governor Wolf signed Act 164 of 2016 into law, which among other things, changed the Taxicab and Limousine Division’s (TLD) inspection process. Under Act 164, taxicabs are no longer subject to biannual inspections. Therefore, the last day on which a 2009 model year vehicle may be operated in taxicab service is December 31, 2017.

This date is fast approaching and this reminder is intended to help prevent scheduling conflicts. Please do not wait until the last minute to replace your vehicle. Please contact the TLD Enforcement Department at (215) 683-9447 to schedule a change-of-vehicle.

Thank you.


Don't count on it expiring on your registration date. I was taking off the platform first week of August with a 2006 and my registration is good until December 31st of this year. I've been doing Uber Eats for the past few weeks till I get a 2008 hooptie just to Uber around in. The one thing that does bother me I constantly see 2004 fives and sixes driving around picking up people. I went to the hub a few weeks ago and ask why only response I got was sooner or later the app will catch up with them


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do you really think its fair that i joined uber 3 plus years ago and the 06 cars were on the way out...and you are still driving an 2006..come on ...its 11 yrs old who cares what cond its in..its too old as per pa law....and if a driver pulled up in a old hooptie. as i go to EWR 2 times a yr and tip cash. i would cancel him or august you should have been off platform way before than..anyone can buy an 2008 for $3500 cant you..and its still 10 yrs old still..
i am not paying surge to drive in this $1800 car