"Does Not Include x Destination Trips"


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If my daily earnings statement in the app includes "Does not include 1 destination trip," is this solely because I used the destination feature?

Also, if I turn on the destination feature and pickup one pax with uberpool, then another during the same trip, will my Daily Earnings (in the app) show "Does not include 2 destination trips" or "Does not include 1 destination trip?" I know that although uberpool trip shows up as one transaction in the app, it still counts as 2 Completed Trips, so would it count as 2 destination trips as well and state it as such, and also show 2 less Completed Trips?

So, for example, if I complete 4 UberX trips on the day, and the last trip is with my destination feature turned on and also an Uberpool with 2 separate pax (so a total of 6 Completed Trips on the day; 4 uberx, 1 uberpool with 2 separate pax that counts as 2 Completed Trips), will my daily earnings say 4 Completed Trips (it will exclude the Uberpool because DF is on), and also say "Does not include 2 destination trips," or will it say "Does not include 1 destination trip?" Thanks!!


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For your first question, yes.

For your subsequent questions, if you're using a destination filter, what does it matter? Nothing you do with the destination filter on is going to count towards incentives.

If your destination filter is not on, there are some in this forum that will suggest that you should not be taking pool rides at all. My usual suggestion is that you accept that first pool ride if it fits within whatever parameters you have established as being necessary for you to accept it, but then immediately upon accepting it go to the screen where you can contact the rider or cancel the ride, and go to the bottom of it and click on stop future requests or something it says like that. Then you will not get any second riders or subsequent Riders to add to that pool ride. You will have more control over where your car is going and where it is not going, you will have clear-cut payment information, your passenger will have a better experience if they do not have to share your car with another Rider which will translate into better ratings for you, and you will not be Uber's pawn in the pool game. Subsequent Riders can go and get rides with other drivers, so you will be sustaining your brethren as well as your own job and your sanity.