Does Anyone Use UberXL In ABQ?


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I'm asking because I might be able to get my hands on an UberXL acceptable vehicle, that gets decent MPG, at a considerable discount (family hand me down). Does anyone in ABQ use UberXL, if you queue up at the airport can you select to only take UberXL rides? I have a decent 8 to 5 job, I'm interested in doing this part time, and maximizing what I make per mile, more so than per hour.


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I do XL in Philadelphia. I only got in the cue one time. When you cue up you can select X, XL, or both. I waited 45 min and was about to get an X ride. I decided to hold out for an XL, so I turned off X. A waited another 1/2 hour but the XL line advances to slowly. I turned X back on and instantly got pinged. The good news is you don't loose your place in the cue if you turn X off. Could be worth a try (though I think you would loose it if you went off-line). I didn't think XL was worth that much extra wait time. I needed to roll.
XL rides are great when you get them but the only come thru maybe 20% of the time. With the possible exception of college towns. Those kids like to travel in packs. On Friday and Saturday nights, you can get a string of them. Sweet.