Does anyone know what is this cash out feature?

Mr. Wakko

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Curious about it.

Mr. Wakko

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only difference of 50 cents tho?
It's not about the charge. Few months ago, I've got my money stolen.
So, after almost 30 days, they put my money back and I moved on. No longer interested in doing business with an untrustworthy company.


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i pressed it too, it cashed me out depositing to bank. it would be nice if there was a confirmation screen after you press it "do you really want to cash out now?" yes-no
There should be, we've had it down here in the states for around a year now. Its a two step process.


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Also pressed "cash out" but never applied for payfare. Where is my cheque being deposited to? Now I have to keep my son away from playing with my phone.

ED Wallace

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Mr. Wakko, you made 500 in 2 days not bad - same thing happened with me so I went to uber's office- they said the money is being deposited in my bank account (on an off-cycle date) - so what we made Monday and Tuesday of this week is being cashed out early - and offcourse they didn't know why this happened - they also denied virtual zones and also timouts - blaming the no ping issues on Freedom mobile and other smaller carriers lol. (I am not with payfare btw)


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Saw that as well, don't have payfare setup.
The total amount for this week seems to have been cut off sometime this morning.
Need to check if was deposited early as per Ed Wallace above post.