Does anyone drive overnight?


In the 'burbs, there's not much demand except Friday/Saturday nights. I can't speak to demand in the city during the week. My pax have been folks coming from a bar so you have differing levels of intoxication; greater chance of a**holic behavior. If you drive around 4/5 am, you may get airport runs for those catching early flights.


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I'm thinking about driving overnight. What are the pros and cons?
On the weekdays, u can get a lot of airport fares starting around 4am. Obviously on weekends people are going to be requesting rides from the bars and clubs all night.

But these are the pax that vomit in your car, destroy your rating, and are most likely to be belligerent.

My grandfather told me a long time ago that nothing good ever happens after midnight. And I've always believed that to be true.

Good luck out there. Get some pepper spray.