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Does anybody come here for the laughs?


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As of lately, yes

Ian is a nut case, profile picture looks like serial killer. He’s quite an ant. Proud of high AR and low CR. Sad.


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I don’t play in the stock market , but isn’t this the time to buy? It’s not like Uber is going to go away. The brand recognition is on par with McDonald’s
Wait for them to hit rock bottom and wake up and turn things around.

This is not the bottom, and they have demonstrated they aren't making serious efforts to profit.


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Are we supposed to come here for the sad feelz? On that note, were Sad Uber stories For The Laughs or For The Sad Feelz???


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As of lately, yes

@Ian Richard Markham is the guy U Don't want to sit next to on a long flight.

"Excuse me Flight Attendant!! May I switch seats and sit next to the Jehovah Witness please"