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Dodo drivers


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07h30 to 09h00 Southside peak hour traffic and I am the only driver covering a large area
Surge starts up but I don't accept 4 rides because no surge given
Riders are getting desperate as they need to get to work
I am not desperate and can wait it out
To the rescue come Dodo drivers, even a Hyundai Imax and the surge drops to zero
Guess what, they pick up the pax and run them into the city through car park traffic
Who wins?
Riders and Uber
It's cheaper to log off and have a coffee at Maccas
These Dodos are spoiling it for all
Someone give them a calculator and show them how to work it?
I assume the IMAX ran at uberx rates as 1 pax????


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The best way to win against dodos is to outlast them. When dodos go bankrupt the strong survive and do great things. Just wait....your time will come


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They might have been destination filtering on the way to their day job? I often do this on my way home from work.