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Do you still help pax carry suitcase in and out of trunk?

Discussion in 'Boston' started by Xuberx 222101, May 18, 2018.

  1. Xuberx 222101

    Xuberx 222101

    I had this Indian guy today heading to south station from north end today. When he came over to my car he left his suitcase on the side walk next to my car and gets in my car and ask me to put his suit case in the trunk then when I got him to the destination he ask me to get his suit case out of the trunk then he got out and stand on the side walk to wait for me to carry his suitcase to him! He kinda expect me to do it and was not happy that he gotta ask me to do it! After all this he give me no tip and leave me a 1 star! Wtf is wrong with people these days! Like really I make less than 5 buck on this trip and you expect a 5 star service!
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  2. nj2bos


    Send an email to Lyft for an unfair rating and explain the situation. They have been very quick to respond to me in cases like this and have reversed 1 star ratings with no question. Also rate the passenger back 1 star.
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  3. At what rate of pay would you be willing to work and provide good service?
  4. Tysmith95


  5. if he were a big tipper would that have changed anything? No right...you dont know til its over.
    So pax is demanding and you are lazy so no smiles anyone
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  6. BostonTaxiDriver


    Boston, Mass.
    I always help with luggage and usually get no tip. I feel lazy if I don't. In some way, no excuse unless you're elderly, weak or disabled, or female....but I don't blame people for not helping, as you could injure yourself.

    You're expecting too much? Drive a cab if you want tips...but even with tips, you'll likely make much, much less than Uber drivers. Cabbies have all reason to complain.
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  7. Jaackil


    The service we are getting paid to provide is driving a pax from point A to point B safely in our own personal car. We are not chauffeurs, we are not paid to provide water, mints, gum aux cords or valet services. A pax should not expect any of that at the rate they are paying. If they want their bags loaded for them call a cab or black car service and pay for it. It is not being lazy at all, it’s about not being taken advantage of. Now that said. If you want a tip get out and help load the bag. I almost always get out and help with the bags to protect my car. Pax don’t care if they scratch your car putting it in the trunk. The only time I won’t help is if the pick up is in a location where I can not stop and get out like the narrow streets in the north end when there are 5 cars behind us or Boyleston st when there is a lot of traffic or if a pax leaves their bags for me to load like this! I am not their chauffeur. As for the tipping, PAX would never get out of a cab and not tip! but they still do not tip uber drivers. Uber and Lyft have a long way to go educating pax about tipping. I have over 3300 trips and a 4.98 rating and I only get tipped in the neighborhood of 10-12% of the time. Getting 1 star for not loading bags is bs! Lyft will take that rating away but uber refuses to change ratings.
  8. Yes I carry the luggage.
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  9. I'll do every time. I like stretching my legs with the added possibility of receiving additional compensation.
  10. WelcomeTree


    If I see someone bringing luggage I usually get out and open the back of my SUV. However if I were driving a vehicle with a trunk and I popped it open, and the PAX proceeded to leave the suitcase on the sidewalk and get in, then ask me to get out of the car and load it for them... I think I would ask them to get out of my car and request another driver. (Depending on where I was I might ask, "headed to Logan" with a smile at this point, if it's the right time of day or more than 15 miles away then I'd do it, because it benefits me, if they say no then I'd cancel) I'm sorry for those who think this is bad service, but I'm with Xuberx on this one, if I'm understanding how this one played out correctly f**k that PAX. There is no reason an able bodied person can't load their own luggage.

    When someone just drops their suitcase on the ground for me to load I usually give them a 3 star rating, unless they are very nice on the ride, or it's a very lucrative ride. Ultimately it's up to you, your an "independent contractor", if you want to provide this service go for it, if you don't then don't. They can't force you, but be prepared for a low star rating or to just cancel and lose the ride and your time.

    It's a very small possibility, most of my tippers are the type of people who put their own luggage in my vehicle.
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  11. E30addixt


    I'll typically try to deal with luggage myself for damage reasons.

    People like that? Hell no. I actually had something similar at south station last year. Guy motioned to the bag on the curb. The way he did it rubbed me the wrong way. Told him he ordered pool not a black car. You pay to get from point a to b and not die, load your own bags.

    Last trip I needed for an incentive and it was headed my way so I didn't launch him, but the silence was deafening on that ride!
  12. Hugh J

    Hugh J

    Being in the service industry -- being on the serving side, shows you the absolute truest colors of people.
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  13. Kas


    Helping with luggage is polite. It should not be expected from any passenger that is able to handle their own luggage...in the US market. Keep in mind many passengers are not local, and may have different expectations of what our service is here
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  14. Always help with luggage. Your in the service industry and part of your job is too make the customers riding experience as pleasant as possible. Also it gives you a chance to stretch your legs.
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  15. If you look at quality statistics from when rates were higher or when you compare high rate markets to low one thing you notice is service is not related to driver pay. Even pre and post tipping made 0 difference. Foe those protesting service due to wages I don't believe anything would change if you were paid 2x or 3x rates
  16. i help with luggage because its the right thing to do
    this also prevents my bumper from getting scratched up and i can stretch my legs a little.

    i have the same pride and work ethic in what i do regardless of salary/price, it does not cost you anything to be nice
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  17. jazzapt


    I help load if I'm in place where it makes sense for me to get out of the car and help (sometimes if they are toes to the curb, they have bags in so quickly there is no point in me getting out), but I always help unload.

    Some Pax have the habit of resting the bags on my bumper. Therefore I have more scratches on my bumper than I care to stand. So I'd rather load them if I can to make sure they go in and out without issue.
  18. Wang sense

    Wang sense

    Slave system is still exist in some part of countries. If they put their luggage by themselves, it's such a shame.
    If they pay for any service, they think you are their slave. It's not mutual respect.
    Be careful. If you deny to obey, they will call Uber and complain about your service.
    Unfortunately, Uber wouldn't help us.
    That's why they don't tip. Nobody tips to slaves.
    Last edited: May 18, 2018
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  19. Wow, how someone could resist not tipping your sunshine attitude is beyond me!
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  20. Goodellsux


    I always help with luggage, but with this guy, I would have stood in front of him silently after bringing the luggage to the curb and simply looked him in the eye until he tipped or walked away. I would have tipped him with a 1 rating.
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