Do You NEED Hi-Speed Data?

Karen Stein

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Last night AT&T told me I had used all of my hi-speed data, that now I only had "regular" speed. I have an entire week before a new billing cycle restores my service.

Today was a constant struggle. I'd be offered a trip, then lose it to "connectivity" issues. End result: half my usual business.

So I have to ask: Was today a fluke, or is hi-speed internet essential to run our programs?


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I had to switch from at&t for that reason. I would always have connection issues with the app. I never have a problem with sprint network working with the apps.

Do you have unlimited data? I know at&t caps it.


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unless you have 1gb a month something is wrong, i have a family plan with att 10gb shared between 3 lines and we are always good on data by the end of the month (two of us doing uber)

check your phone and find whats is using data that you maybe dont know


I'm on a 2GB plan and sometimes for the last couple days of the month I'm limited to 2G speeds. It actually works fine for Uber as long as nothing else is running in the background.

Lyft has a MUCH harder time with the limited bandwidth, it often can't get online. Their app probably isnt optimized as well for the slower connections...


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I have a 12GB plan, and never ran close to the bottom of the bucket until I stopped Ubering and started DoorDashing. I still have never reached my allowance, but it's uncomfortable in the last few days.


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I just went through the past 5-6 weeks and I'm currently right on track for $1000 gross earnings at uber per 1.5 GB data/$1000. That's between both uber and uber driver apps which I always run at the same time. Between Lyft and lyft driver plus waze I'm tracking at essentially the same amount of data. This assumes iphone tracks it properly.

Far and away my biggest use of data is youtube, which I use for music often.

So loosely speaking doing two 5-6 hour shifts twice/week would burn up about 1 GB data total for me.
You should have LTE network atleast. I tried Wind mobile because of the price tag being so cheap, but there was times when I receive a request and it keeps pinging when I tap accept and the ride ends up not being accepted. There were also times when if you go far east or far west outside of the cellular towers you are unable to end trip, resulting in you having to drive to a place where there is data available, meaning you waste gas, time, and possible requests. It's worth the extra money to just get a good cell phone plan, I pay 65 a month almost for 4 gigs of LTE data with Virgin Mobile. No complaints.

p.s. go to settings > cellular
look for use celluar data for:
it should give you a run down on the apps and what you use data for. You can click on the bar to prevent future data waste on a specific app like snapchat, or facebook.