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Do you have pets?


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I have 2 females Chihuahuas 6-7 years old. Both were rescues.
1 eleven year old male Chihuahua I've had since 10 weeks old.
A cat that my wife rescued a few months back as a kitten.
And last is a red eared slider that was also rescued.

Up until the beginning of the year, I kept fish for 20 years. I stopped when my 10 year old pufferfish died and gave/sold my only tank running.


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Sherlock - Mastiff
Chip - Boarder Collie
Patches (aka The Princes --- because she acts like freaking one) - Boxer

They take work that is for sure. And food + medical can be spendy at times. But, they bring happiness to our family. All 3 are from the shelter. So hopefully we are giving them a good life.



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I have two cats and I love them so much! ☺ Having the cats in my own house was an old dream for me because when I lived with my parents it was impossible. I am very happy that now I am finally the cat owner.
I just love these animals so much, they're so interesting, funny and sweet. And caring for your pets when you really love them isn't hard at all, besides cats are rather simple animals in this case and there's no problem now to find a good site about pet care and with useful tips/special products.


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One dog, four cats -- Two of the group are over 12 yrs. old, so specific problems that come with old age.
They ground me. Great companions. It is never trouble caring for something that you value. Responsibility is good for the soul.
All that have lost your beloved pet. Think about adopting another in their honor. There are thousands of dogs and cats that are desperate for a home.


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Two dogs --
Roxie - 16.5 year old Chocolate Lab. Due to her age, she is VERY high maintenance (but then again, so is my wife)
Dexter - 9 year old Australian Shepherd mix