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Do you guys consider this a good week?

Ian Richard Markham

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Is that the cartman South Park character? Post it otherwise nobody knows if there’s a $150 cleaning fee in there or something like that
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I’m referring to this screen... and I did this in a city with the second lowest minimum fare in the USA.
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Great week, and that dosent count the cash tips

or better stated , just one great day
What happened on Saturday to make it a $400 day?

Ian Richard Markham

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Every market is different but $1300 in a week is outstanding in any market. Texas has the second lowest minimum fare just beating out Flagstaff AZ by a nickel. $1300 is downright amazing here.
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Saturday was graduation at Southern Methodist Univerisity which is an affluent party school and also has renowned academic programs. On Saturday evening I learned that the parents and grandparents get just as drunk and attempt just as many shenanigans as the students. It’s ok with me however when the rides are expensive.