Do you get preference using DF?

Tars Tarkas

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  • I have DF on for Dulles.
  • Some pax nearby requests ride to Dulles.
  • Some other driver is a bit closer to pax pickup but doesn't have DF on.
Wil I get that ping even though I'm a bit farther away?

If not, it seems like DF simply prevents going backwards, simply reduces the number of pings.


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Just my theories:
I do believe Uber prioritizes Destination Filter.

Also if your arrival time is set to a sooner time you get higher priority than other destination filter users in a certain radius I think 7 miles.

Lastly I believe people get priority based on what they have made that day hourly. So someone who only managed to make $24 in 3 hours is going to get priority over someone who made $60 in 3 hours.


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Not so sure about that? Sitting at home in NOVA this morning with DF on towards DCA. One and half hrs no ping! Back in May/June I remember some weeks almost every morning I could work during week received a fare heading that direction. The present state of Uber feel it's only worth getting lead out into rush hour if you can get a fare worth leading you out.


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Using desi filter on sunday got me 5/6 rides to DCA from a location 20-30 miles out. 3 were back to back. The thing is you can't see who else is using it unless you play the pretend PAX game


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Let us not forget that everyone can use the DF 6 times per day today, not just you. The game changed. All those ants out there are angling for the good rides too. Keep your head on a swivel. Y'all can have my 45 rides per week for the next few weeks.