Do you get/expect tips from regulars?

pizza guy

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I have multiple customers that I drive 2-3 times a week or more. One guy said he has to spend a five hundred a month on Uber and I've had my net approach $200 from individual customers.
The fact is they almost never tip and I'm actually OK with that. Some will tip me once every few rides, another knows how I like my coffee when we stop and buys me a cup, and one guy even bought me nice 6pack of beer as a Christmas bonus. Others just plain can't afford the added expense of a tip.
Do those of you with regulars get tipped by them, and are you unhappy if you don't?


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Sort of....I recently "encouraged" most of my regulars who I take to the airport to switch over to Lyft, that way they can add a tip onto the fare and run it through their expense reports. Now without fail they add a minimum of 20% of the total fare on afterwards as a tip. With Uber since the tips are in cash they can't expense it without a receipt, and they're weren't as willing to add anything on. Funny how loose people can be with other people's money these

Not sure if Uber does this, but Lyft I guess integrates with Concur expense reporting software, so the business folk love that. Way easier I guess than printing out the Uber receipts they get in their email after they're done with the ride.

pizza guy

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Nothing better than expense accounts. I lived off of 20% tips on a few hundred dollars of pizza for many years.
Try offering a hand written receipt on a page torn out of you mileage log book. I just write Uber Tip at the top then print and sign my name and tell them to fill in the trip ID from the receipt. Not sure if works for them but I get my cash.


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I'm always pleased with a tip, and a number of my regulars do. Disappointment is a day to day thing. Some days I don't care, others I feel a little jilted. I thought about getting a receipt book from Staples, or having pad of business card size forms printed up. But what works probably best for me is the Square Register app. It can email a receipt if they want one.