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Do you discriminate based on name?


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I have found myself declining Lyft trips based on names lately. I’ve gotten to the point that I am annoyed when the pax can’t even speak a little English, and more so I can’t stand certain smells.

Now when I get a request with a name that is impossible for me to pronounce, I decline it. BO and oil are two of my triggers. Oh and the smell of cooking grease. I had a “chef” this morning that reeked of cooling oil like he hadn’t washed his work clothes. It gave me a headache so bad that I ended the ride and told him to get a new driver.


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I absolutely do....if you have some BS fake name on Lyft, auto time out.

Also, if you have more than 3 vowels in your name, see previous result.

I dont care....when I drive, I get enough.pings during my time that I can pick and choose my pax.


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We tip you on the website in likes. If you go above and beyond we throw in a featured thread.
So what's the rider equivalent to likes?

I definitely do. Names like Daddy, Mr. Big, yoMama....and this fine young lady who approached me in the pouring rain wearing a soaking wet white t-shirt and grey leggings:

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Next time please take a picture of her and share.

Maybe the girl in the wet t-shirt also while you're at it


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I have found "Jesus", got "Moses" where he was going and gave a ride to a lovely Russian lady named "Nigia"

It's OK if you say it with an A


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I don’t.

I even accepted one written in Chinese.

I have to say, it was intriguing.
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