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Do Women Get the Short End of the Tip?

Who gets more tips?

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Jam Val

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Hanging at the airport, I get into a conversation with two male uber drivers and one woman (I'm a woman too) and the subject of tips comes up.

The two men talked about the tips they got. $10 here, $20 there, etc. Me and the other woman look at each other like "what f'in tips"?!? All of us are full-time drivers. My buddy says "I made $85 in tips yesterday!". I threw a baby carrot at him.

So, are tips given more to men?


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I'm a guy, get tips about 20% of the time. Just be friendly, professional, don't talk much unless they are talkative and keep aclean car. My car is always spotless... after every Pax, I pull over a little further away, check the back seat and always ensure the the floor mats are clean (else I shake them out). By the way, what's with all the pet hair... don't these people clean their homes?


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I'm a dude and get tips every day but they dam sure don't come to anywhere near $85.00. Usually enough for some gas or a few beers after work.

I would assume the ladies would get more but who knows. The majority of my rides are female, so I wonder if it's a gender thang.

I want to say the ladies tip me more than the dudes, over all.


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Female waitresses get more tips than males.

I do like driving the servers after the bars close. Most of them tip because they are in the service industry. The drunks going home don't tip, but they pay the surge.
The adults going to the bars tip well too. They usually go early for dinner and go home around 11. Much more pleasant to deal with. They're using Uber to avoid a DUI, vs the young drunks who use Uber because they don't have a car and don't want to walk 10 minutes to their dorm or another bar