Do we have to cancel the business license?


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Do we have to cancel out business licences if we stop doing business here in Nevada or can I just let it expire with no worries?


You have to cancel the STATE license or you will get fines piling up. County I'm not sure.


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From the cancellation form:
"Filing Fee: Active business licenses have no fee to cancel. If canceling within 1 year of expiration date, the cancellation fee is $100.00. If canceling more than 1 year from expiration date the fee is $100.00 for the current year and an additional $300.00 for every prior year."

I have a "friend" who got a state business license 30 years ago. He never filed any further statements, didn't renew, and didn't cancel. Does this mean he owes $9,000 to cancel?

From a legal point of view, everyone should get a license. From a practical (economic) point of view, no uber driver should get a license.