DO NOT give IRM private rides for money. He will fraudulently request a refund from PayPal after the fact.


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If your High School is Boring Ass Yawnville High.

Ian has claimed victory, rent free in the head of @NauticalWheeler 24-7. To make amends, Ian please let @NauticalWheeler borrow some meds

Need to come up with new characters and a fresh plot for the 2020 season.
You may be right, maybe I should've let this go once PayPal resolved the dispute. You're still here, though...


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Ian can try 100 different ways to make excuses why he did what he doesn't matter. Exceeding message limits and not being able to post is on him. Disputing a transaction on Paypal when he knew it was valid is stupid. When I worked at a bank in the ATM/DC dispute department, it was a crime to file a dispute if the party knowingly knew it was a valid transaction. Ian is a fraud and a child, this post clearly confirms what we already know. Time to wear your big boy pull ups and own up to your issues @Ian Richard Markham . If he had a beef with you @NauticalWheeler then this is not how to handle it. He should have went to you privately like adults do and discuss it. This is so ridiculous and I am so tired of talking about him. I hope you don't get sucked in by his insecurities again.


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Well there are some people that are born into fortunate situations that think it's their birthright to succeed or to play by a different set of rules. That's probably the one thing I do like about Uber is you get out of it what you put into it, plus a backache and a depreciated car, of course.