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Do not accept long pickup fees


New Member
So I had a long pick up on New Year’s Eve 10 miles plus. I only did it because it was a five times surge. So I pick the people up and drive them a mile away however it took me about another 20 minutes to find them. uber is saying the long pick up fee applies to the base fare so I do not get a minimum fare supplement. I should’ve gotten the long pick up fee plus $3.43 minimum fare times five. They paid me $1.02 for the ride with the five times surge so they added $5.10 to that plus the long pick up fee which came out to be four dollars and some change. If I would’ve driven half a mile to pick them up got the minimum fare that would’ve been $3.43 times five so I would’ve made more. The long pick up fee should have nothing to do with the actual fees of the trip. Am I correct in thinking this?

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