Do any one drive uber select


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Hi guys I'm very new to this
Do any one drive uber select and if you do how is this business doing
Can we take airport ride at the moment or no


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It just depends on the area. I've been select for a few months and I do not receive that many requests, maybe 15% of all of my requests have been select. I have a black 2010 Cadillac SRX loaded , so I'm thinking of checking into uber black.


I drive Uber Select in Milwaukee, I might get a few rides a week. Really not worth going out of your way to get a car specifically for Uber Select in Milwaukee not enough business. Best ride was from Downtown Milwaukee to O'Hare last month Uber Select, I came away with $188. But most rides come when Uber X is surging and Select is the same price as Uber X.


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I have a Benz 2010 white with black panorama roof
And I didn't start driving yet
So do it worse it or no
And any news about airport rides?

Ravi babu

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If you tired and want some sleep go to airport and wait for 2Hrs for $3.20 ride. Now you know you have 2 Hrs for rest......


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Those no tipping @@@@who want rides from the airport can take a Taxi.
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