Dmv non conviction DUI?


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Only if you can qualify for commercial insurance. Did it get dropped to a wreckless driving?
No- it was a 1st offense and he got ARD (classes and fine). Expunged from court/county records. But what about Driving background? Can't find straight answer online.


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There are multiple ways to order an abstract. I work for a trucking company and order them all the time. Make sure that when you order you request an abstract that goes back as far as they allow. I do not know what Uber orders but in some states a standard only has 3 years and in some states it is lifetime. Other states will give you 3 but more years are available.

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First I would say it doesn't hurt to send them an application to drive. You have to pay to get those records and it doesn't sound like it would be a problem so why bother? They look at your points, was your license suspended and in this case it doesn't sound like its an issue.