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I’ve repeatedly provided verifiable, reputable, and reliable sources to help drivers help themselves.

None of you can afford lawyers and we all have more time than money. Use that time as wisely as possible.

LegalShield and LegalZoom offer valuable subscription based services that everyone here can afford. It’s worth it.

The following websites will provide you with everything you need to know to figure out how to navigate your way through this mess and develop a legal strategy to seek legal action.

We are all victims of a massive fraud, one of the biggest, most egregious ever perpetrated in US history.

Like the saying goes, knowledge is power.

Smarten up:

Government Sites:

(This is where you’ll find info of court procedures and filings and general information on how to proceed)

(This is where you search for pertinent civil codes)

Representing yourself (pro se):

Critical search terms:

Fraud (many categories)
Damages (many categories)
Borello Test
Unjust Enrichment

There are many others but this will all lead you in the right direction.

No, I am not a legal professional. However, I have spoken in depth with several and the sites I’ve listed are operated and curated by legal professionals.
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@UberLean this Bud’s for you.

I won’t be going through this again. I spent well over a year of my free time scouring the Internet and talking with several legal professionals to figure this mess out.

What I’ve posted here is a mere fraction of what I’ve combed through and it would take me weeks of posts to distill it here. That’s not going to happen.

Lazy drivers deserve this job and all the crappy things that come with it.

People have got to stop waiting for their ship to come in and learn to build and sail ships instead.
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See my posts on the other thread. I think you should add "lottery" to the search terms, since that is exactly what this is according to the federal rules and definition.

Edit: to sum it up, drivers are paying (gas and expenses) for a chance to win a prize. True in the most basic core operation, and especially true with sticky and flat surge.


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Unrealistic to file complaint. Time and effort not worth the money. What pro se has won anything significant?


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Unrealistic to file complaint. Time and effort not worth the money. What pro se has won anything significant?
You’d be surprised.

The pro se litigants that lose are the ones who don’t understand our system. They think it’s predicated on “justice.”


Simply being in the right, even if you have the evidence, is worthless. You have to memorize the “rules of court” and understand our legal system is “adversarial,” meaning it’s a competition between opposing teams.

Go overboard on everything and your odds increase dramatically.

Like the saying goes, luck is the residue of design.

@yomomma very few pro se litigants explore the resources I’ve listed here. And believe me when I say what I’ve listed here is a mere fraction of what I’ve researched.

Pretty confident I could smoke the bar at this point.