dispenseries paying uber drivers


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Ok, so an 1/8th cost about $40, 10% of $40 is $4 whole dollars. You standby and wait 30 plus minutes to collect $4 ???


fwck the mods here
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They must be doing pretty good, just saw one of the advertiser trucks on the strip with their ad

Took a few older out of state pax last Monday to the dispensary next to the Mc Ds on Sahara & LV Blvd and they totally ripped them off. 3 older men and women just looking for a few edibles and they sold them a bottle of ten each !! for 90 bucks. One single bottle would have lasted them all like 2 days and all they wanted was a buzz that night. They thought that there was like one edible per bottle.

Not going to recommend that one to any of my pax in the future and warn them about being oversold.
you should write that on their yelp or Google local review page