Disgruntled drivers and 'cultural challenges': Uber admits to its biggest risk factors


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Disgruntled drivers

In a letter to potential investors, the CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi, acknowledged the “greater responsibilities” the company will take on once it goes public, and promised to act with “passion, humility, and integrity”.

And it points out that it is likely to make the drivers even more unhappy in the future, both because it is investing in autonomous vehicles to reduce the numbers of drivers it needs, and because it plans to reduce payments to drivers in order to increase its chances of turning a profit: “As we aim to reduce Driver incentives to improve our financial performance, we expect Driver dissatisfaction will generally increase.”


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After IPO rates dropping to. 45 cents per mile. Disrupt IPO or say bye bye. Don't let them get away with it. Disrupt IPO.


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Wow, that is a good plan. :p

Alienate the very people making them money. Talk about a race to the bottom.
This is just a natural selection in process. They will keep the most desperate, most financially insecure drivers, and most easily abused drivers. And for the job, it might be just good enough.


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Uber is a criminal enterprise but aside from that it’s also run by morons and therefore can’t possibly survive in the long term. The faster they die, the better and good riddance.

Don’t worry about your jobs. This is like when the dinosaurs died and made room for humans to evolve. It was a disaster in the beginning but then it was the best thing that ever happened to this planet. Rideshare isn’t going anywhere. It will just be replaced with a much better company after Uber dies.

The pioneer of an industry doesn’t necessarily know what they’re doing. Look at Ford. They invented the car but these days they’re just a joke, producing universally derided products with low market share. If it weren’t for trucks they’d be bankrupt.