Monday was a bank holiday, boo! This usually means a day later pay. I have been getting my DD on Tuesday nights between 10:30 PM and midnight, but this past week, it didn't hit until like 7 AM on Wednesday morning. I am wondering if some other folks can post when their deposit posts, I will do the same.

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I always get mine on Wednesday. Depends on your bank policy. How long they will hold. Some banks milk the max time they are allowed. Others will give it to you the moment they get it.


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Did anyone get paid yet tonight?
Hell yeah. I got paid!


I love the 2 min cancellation. Got a couple of them already.
Arrive, hide for 2 mins, cancel!
Your cat is awesome, he looks just like mine. My cat is soooo glad my Direct Deposit hit already, because he may get some Party Mix out of the deal.


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Hi folks - we track this stuff pretty religiously at DailyPay so here's a snapshot of our data (fwiw):

Major Money Center Banks (e.g. JPM, Citi, Bofa, Wells): ~6am local time
Regional Banks (e.g. Regions, Suntrust, Key): 6:30-7am local time
Credit Unions (including US Military): ~9am local time
Prepaid cards (Greendot, Centurion, Metabank): 9-11am local time

We obviously don't have a comprehensive data set given but thought this might be helpful to share. Thanks!!