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Black cabs, county licenced cabs, WHY
Black cabs can't take you more than 12 miles from London if they dont want too, that law was brought in for the benefit or the horses that used to pull the cabs in the 1800s and it was then 6 miles not for a driver in a diesel cab . Let's all go back to school sand learn Latin that would be useful, just as useful as it is for black cabs and county drivers having to learn the knowledge. I think that all these cab driver and authority's are living in the past . Belive it or not we now have sat navs and I've yet to see a black cab or county driver without one lol

bob swagger

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Yup sat navs know what the best restaurants are whats on at the theater plus while your staring at it your crashing in to pedestrians. Its not just black cabs who despise Uber im a PH in Cambridge and Uber is a toxic company. I dont mind competition but Ubers tactic of disobeying laws in an attempt to drive us out of business is a disgrace. I just pray that TFL deny Ubers license so that other councils have to review there license to.