Different Classes of Uber Drivers


Hi All,

Anyone know for sure whether UberXL, UberExec and UberLarge drivers can receive and accept trip request from UberX riders ?

If so, are the charges same as UberX fares ?


I have a large car. Most of the times I get called for UberX jobs. Occasionally I get an XL call which is a higher rate. I don't remember off hand how much more it is. The other day I made two trips to JFK, one was about $80, the other (an XL) was about $135.


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I own a Toyota wish, so it falls into X and XL. During sign up, the guy told me when i Select X, i can only accept X rides and incentives. But if i select XL, i can accept both X and XL calls but XL do not have incentives like X. That my understanding.


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although XL fare is higher but the commission to UberXL is 28% instead of 20%. Usually, rider that called for XL need 6 seaters or more. In one case, I fetch 8 people, all very big size, could feel my car sunk down and under power to move off, waste fuel and stress engine. I asked the rider to consider UberLarge instead but he said too expenisve. Besides no incentives, there is no individual surge pricing. As such, i prefer to take UberX than UberXL. I have a friend request to take UberX account only.