DiDi Chux price drop in Melb


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with DiDi dropping commission to 5% in Melbourne to make drivers smile, but with lower fares too, are we expecting any promo in Sydney from uber or Ola with lower commissions?

I know I’d prefer any pings from a rideshare company that had 5% commission rather than 27.5%!

You can't really just look at commission commission rare though as it depends on the relative fares as well. The reduced Didi commission is meant to offset the fare reduction but I haven't done the sums. Also differences with how they handle tolls, waiting and cancellation.
Big question is if Uber will follow the race to bottom and lower rates


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FUber no doubt expect some competition with lower rates. pOO is their current way to attract price sensitive customers.

A rate drop is the last thing FUber should do...... unless they take 100% of the hit with a commission drop. (At least from a drivers view)