Did you get the Maine Addendum?


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Could you read it? We have to accept it before we can go online. It sure was nice of Uber to send a single-spaced document that you have to squint at on your phone screen. I Googled it -- no luck. I also searched for it on the Uber East Coast support website --nope. It's almost like they didn't want us to read it. ;-)

I know it has something to do with insurance coverage, theirs and mine, so I'm not accepting it until I can actually read it.

Anyone else (maybe someone with better eyesight?) able to see what it says? If so, please enlighten us. Thanks!


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Got this in Illinois too. I don't understand why Uber can't EMAIL us these things first. I had just ended a trip and wanted to go back online...but noooooooooo. This comes up on the screen so I highlighted the whole thing on my Iphone and clicked 'Speak'....so Siri read it to me. Didn't seem like anything new to me....it was insurance stuff that I already knew about....so I accepted. I have Metromile anyway....so I'm not too worried.


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I was able to read it squinting with a magnifying glass. It's actually good news: It said Uber insurance now covers us while we are online and waiting for a trip request, we don't have to bother our own insurance if we get into an accident while online and not matched with a passenger. The exception it noted was if you purchased commercial insurance, which would become your primary insurance coverage while online.