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Did you check the toll reimbursement? Check very well each one that you use the tolls.You loss money


New Member
I have an issue with the toll refund.

I drove on the SR-836 Dolphin Expressway Westbound and took the exit Tamiami Trail (U.S. 41/SW 8th Street) and Uber paid me only 0.70$ for the SR-836 Dolphin Expressway and the exit at Tamiami Trail doesn’t paid to me.

Please, if you pass for this point check if Uber Paid to you. The toll is for 0.54$

Think about that, 500 drivers at day x 0.54$= 270$ x 365 days at year= 98,550$ per year. Uber keep this amount per year about the driver that pass for this toll.

That’s not fair. Please check very well.