Did everyone see this RDU update?


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Makes a lot of sense. Leaves more space for people picking up.

This has been updated on the Uber website as well:

RDU regulations for Uber partners
Per RDU operating rules, drivers must adhere to the terms below. Failure to follow these rules may result in a citation - you will be solely responsible for handling these citations and paying any associated fines.

  • You must wait for airport ride requests in the designated Uber staging lot (click here to navigate to the lot)
  • All ride dropoffs must occur near the ticketing offices at Terminal 1 and on the Departures level at Terminal 2.
  • All ride pickups must occur on the Arrivals level at "Prearranged Services" - Zone 1 at Terminal 1 and Zone 17 at Terminal 2
  • RDU asks that you promptly load/unload your rider. Additionally, according to RDU requirements, you should not be curbside for more than a minute
  • The Uber trade dress must always be displayed in your windshield. Get your trade dress here
  • You may be asked to show your waybill. To access it, tap the “info” button that appears in your app


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I think I may keep dropping them at zone 17 if they have a poor rating? If I smell a tip I may drop them off at departure? Hmm not sure?
"Hey, I can drop you off upstairs if you make it worth my time... wink wink nudge nudge."