Did 10 trips today, NOT ONE person rated or tipped me....


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Same here. I usually receive tips from 80-95%, but last week, it was 25%.
Another thread commented that the new pricing structure is set up to offer a guaranteed rate per trip. If, after the trip, the magic math doesn’t add up to the guaranteed rate, uber applies the tip towards the guaranteed rate. If there’s any tip money left, the driver is allowed to keep it. If the amount is still below the guaranteed rate, uber pays the balance.
I would love it if someone could confirm this!
I didnt get any heads up about
a new pricing structure
I had a short trip earlier and
Dont see any adjustment


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How can this be? 95% of the time they do one or the other or BOTH. But 0 for 10, come on now....
It’s easy to get no tips on a 10 rides stretch in this crazy business but it’s highly doubtful to get tips 95% of the time.


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I have a lot of days like this tbh. Uber does very little to encourage tipping and that makes for a lot of thankless shifts. I wish people would view Uber drivers as wait staff who depend on tips. My base fare is a paltry $2.25 and god knows I pick up too many pax who barely go above that (if at all).


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I sound like a beggar and I don't give a flying fug. I have signs in the back and dashboard. There are days 100% tips. But most of the time it is still random. One person asked about the sign and I was honest with him. Got a $10 on a $5 ride. One UberEats, last week, asked me if I get all of the $15 delivery fee. Told her no, I got $9 of it. She gave me a $20 tip.


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Although not an explanation for your 0-10 run, I find that I am reticent to tip at times because tipping has become so pervasive in American Society. Everyone has their hand out. Buy a takeout sandwich at the counter and there is often a tip jar. No table service. No one came to you to take your order, nor brought it to you. Hand is out regardless. For what?

Plus average tip % has risen, along with prices. I feel Tip Fatigue at times. Soooooo, if someone feels that way as well and gets into an Ubermobile where there is no sign or app notice to please tip.... it's like a free zone.


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for me so far a third of my pax don't rate. I suspect they worry they have to then tip? Drives me nuts.