DFW New areas 3.0X


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Has anyone been to the expansion areas yet. 3 times boost is tempting, but I worry that residents out there may not be aware of new service. If you've always lived in a no service area how do you wake up in the morning and decide to click Uber eats? I thought about the Royse City Greenville option but decided to stay local.


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As for new expansion areas, no one will know if the area is worth working until they work it, and I’d think if it’s a hidden gold mine of deliveries they wouldn’t announce it to others.


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I went last week to test it out on my way back from the casino. I waited an hour for a request and it ended up being a Lyft ride to Arlington.

Looks like they have a couple restaurants on the platform but nothing that would excite me. 3x on a $3 base is $9 plus a tip. $14 a delivery where you can do 2 per hour. $28 per hour is not worth it especially when you have a 60 mile deadhead round trip.