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DFW Airport Permit Process


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I'm getting ready to go out and get the DFW permit; I now have Dallas driver and vehicle permits.
On the DFW website 1st page under basic requirement...
  • Applicant must take the application to their employer for completion after completing the "Applicant" portion of the application, including "Applicant's Signature."
  • An original Texas Education Agency approved defensive driving certificate must be submitted with the application. The certificate is to be dated within the twelve (12) months preceding the date of the application.
Are these required for Rideshare?


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Just go to the transportation office at the Airport with your Dallas vehicle permit and your phone with the Uber App. Tell them you are with Uber. It's pretty easy


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Saw the airport police patrolling lot A the other morning. Was talking to a driver standing outside her vehicle that doesn't have permits as I was driving away to a pickup. Why would one think this is no problem, especially when the police started at the front rows and they were at the back row?


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Got the DFW permit yesterday... they don't the need the form that is posted on line; i came with the 6 pages filled out; she says...i'll shred it for you :smiles:
Then a half page form; 3 mins later they look at my uber / lyft app and out to the parking lot we go. Positive, courteous, upbeat staff... !
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