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DF and Pool don't mix

Discussion in 'Chicago' started by Halfmybrain, May 19, 2018.

  1. Here, I'll beat you to it.

    "You nincompoop, why are you accepting pool trips--especially in the suburbs?"

    = = =

    So Thursday night, with only a few rides to attain the Quest bonus (35 x $60), I accepted a pool ride. My DF was set for home near Joliet. From Matteston, pool trips hurled me clear east to Lynwood, then to Calumet Park.

    Friday night, end of my shift (5am) From SW Orland, got pool ping for Tinley. Immediately I called Mohammed. It went to voice mail. Texted. No answer. Hoping to compress my weekend driving to TWO nights (quest of 35 x $65), I was taking what I could get generally on my way home--with DF active. Arrived to a lady at the curb -- with a rolly-bag. Uh oh.

    Where you headed?
    Amtrak in Chicago.
    SCREEECH (that was a vinyl record, not my tires).
    Awfully sorry. I can't do it, drove all night and Uber is supposed to be only sending me rides south and west. It would not be safe for either of us if I drove fatigued.
    B-b-b-b-but I've been waiting 15 minutes (more like 11, Mohammedette).
    I called and texted as soon as the request came in, no answer.
    Whaaaa? (That was Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker to-Aunt May faux incredulity) How could that be? I've been holding my phone the whole time.
    I held up my phone, showed her the text message. [Ya think maybe Mohammed is somewhere sawing logs, with his ringer off, inside the house?]

    I canceled & and told Uber "Don't charge rider." I messaged Uber telling them they had an irate customer AND driver, asked how they could work all the technological magic of time/place/availability/proximity and yet gave asinine pool trips 100% opposite of the DF. Told them they ought to pay me for the trip to the customer, but not out of the customer's pocket.

    I drove a few blocks from the customer to message Uber Help. "Mohammed" pinged me for another POOL ride. So let me get this straight, she waited 15 minutes for me to arrive, complained about the wait+cancel, and said she would be running late for her train--and yet, at an hour when laborers and recovering partiers head to the city--she requested an Uber with added POOL delays?
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  2. OneRideOneVomit


    Pool is the worst creation of all time. The only thing it attracts is cheap bugs.
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  3. pizza guy

    pizza guy

    DuPage, IL
    I was out running errands and set the DF dor around Maple and Rt 53 in Lisle with an 11 am arrival time as I left the Bolingbrook Binnys. Got a pool match in Woodridge at 1020 and it turned out the guy was going to Justice. Showed him on the app where I had a Lisle destination at 11am and he wasn't happy but understood. Wasn't sure what to cancel under so I chose wrong address and they paid cancellation fee.

    I was out for 2 hours this morning door to door, made 4 stops doing shopping, and made just over $20 on Uber. Kind of why I don't pay attention to my hourly earnings.

    My online time was 1 hr 17 minutes.
    Last edited: May 19, 2018
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  4. Kaleb379


    Chicago, IL
    Uber is stupid. Today towards the end of my driving DF wouldn’t work so I accept the next request. Drive towards and get a block away, going opposite direction I wanted too. Cancel! Their DF games with drivers is leading to more wait times, just let us go where we want to go twice a day..
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  5. Made up story with a lie...tsk tsk
  6. Pythonphile


    Lake County
    Hey! Halfmybrain! I think we found "Mohammed"
  7. Friendly Jack

    Friendly Jack

    Anytime that Uber plays their little game and says that destination filter is not available, I simply leave the app on and ignore every request they send my way.
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  8. LoveUL


    a. Uber should fix this problem by paying your time
    b. Those cheap pix deserve to be late

    Good suggestion

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