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Anyone else unable to set a destination? Somehow my destinations are never available when I need them. Really annoys me! Anytime past midnight is like they deactivate it


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That mostly in central London never alllow anytime what’s the point for that when u can’t set when need to go home or somewhere certain time and recently Uber destitution messing up complete opposite direction job comming
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I was in shorditch put home live in Hackney get a trip to Dalston that’s good but it’s was first dropp offf then Barking how the @@@ barking towards my home I refused customer I m going home I m tired book another Uber


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Destination usually is not available in and around surge areas. Today I set destination to home in East London in Central London with heavy surge. I couldn't get it until I reached Farrington.


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If you know what time you want to be home, best to schedule the destination time in advance at the beginning of your shift, especially on weekends.