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Has anyone in NYC ever had the Destination filter work?

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Works ok. Could be better. Still get bad rides that waste time and don't pay much. Beware of the filter with bridges and tunnels. I want to avoid tolls but the filter doesn't care if it sends you a $5 job that takes you closer to the toll bridge.
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I used it today Specifically put in Manhattan and got some bs annoying Brooklyn local pax that wanted to make 2 stops for 6 bucks


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Was talking to a driver who had the filter set to NJ. Got a ride from Manhattan to Flushing. Always ask destination before starting the trip.


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Was talking to a driver who had the filter set to NJ. Got a ride from Manhattan to Flushing. Always ask destination before starting the trip.

This cant happen, i live in nj and i use the destination filter daily to get to and out of manhattan, if i am around the tunnels, my very first ping will get me to cross the hudson.


Technically the filter works, but i don't like the algorithm. When you use it, it gives you jobs going towards your home, any jobs, ignoring every factor but the one that says it has to go your way.

Here is what i don't like about it and why:

*First of all, if you are 2 hours away from your home, it wont let you use the go home option.
*It gives you uber pools, it gives locals, it gives calls that make absolutely no sense to complete after your 12 hour work shift.

When Uber rolled out the option i thought it would be giving me jobs that cover at least 50% of my current distance (distance between my home and me before pick up). Apparently no.

After 12 hours work shift, i go home tired, with enough energy left for the trip to the house only, i have absolutely no need nor intention of completing 1-9 mile locals when i have to drive 60 miles to my house. It makes absolutely no sense. If i was up for some more work and doing locals, i'd stay online and continued working.

Only reason i need a go home button is because i usually end up my shift far away from my home, at least a hour long drive which i have to do any ways. I would happily give a ride to some one who goes a fair distance my way, and by fair distance i mean at least 50% of it. It is at least lucrative enough to perform. Instead i get 5$ locals, which practically waste my time, instead of doing them and coming 2-3 hours later to my family i'd rather drive empty and drive only 1 hour.

I thought go home button should be a lucrative option, sort of a lottery that you could get a nice job going home, but i did not expect 5$ locals at all. I'm absolutely fine getting such ride once a week or so, as i know they come up rarely, but i only want the ride that covers at least 50% of the destination and it should have no distance limit. Right now if i go home from Connecticut and my home is in Staten Island NYC, the button would say the destination is too far away to be used. Like what's the hell? you think i need this option when i'm 10 miles away from home? such distance i'd rather drive empty, get home and get rest. I only need it when i end up my day far away from home (usually a hour long drive).

Those who disagree, you have your rights,yet Uber has to offer us both options, for those who like getting home slowly, local by local, and those like me, who'd rather have 1 ride a week, but a solid one that covers at least 50%of destination (by the way algorithm is very easy here, all they have to do is offer jobs with 50% distance from my current location, which gets shorter every mile i drive, until it hits dead point of 10 miles, the distance i'd rather drive empty and get home quicker than do a local).


Here's my 3 day destination filter experiment results. Same route every day, from Greenwich Village to The Bronx. Here's what Uber's awesome matchmaking algorithm paired me with (One match per day, respectively. No more matches after those for the rest of the way):


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