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Destination filter on highway?


Had to go from Clairemont to Escondido today but had some time before and after. Thought I’d try DF for Uber and Lyft. I ran it all the way there and back without a ping. Are pings generally less frequent on the highway? I have had pings while going 75 on the 15 before. What would be your strategy to get some pax on the way there and back? It’s only a 30minute drive on a Saturday but I could have taken 1.5hrs and been fine. Would be nice if this rideshare shit worked to subsidize my driving better.


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You were loaded for the trip to Escondido so you couldn't set it for the ride up. For the ride down it's a crap shoot, and could even pick your way down with 2 mile rides all the way. I had 6 rides going south on DF and all were under 5 miles. So I guess it worked, but not to the efficiency I wanted I set my all DF's for the border


If possible when you DF take your time and give yourself time beforehand as well as taking side roads if possible without adding extra miles on your car. And I wouldn't necessarily put my home address as destination or my work address as destination I would put something nearby that's popular. For example last night I DF'd from Camp Pendleton to home in Clairemont but put my destination as La Jolla Cove and did great with Surge and Tips. Unfortunately with all this it's sometimes boills down to luck and knowing the busy times and areas. I do like that on Uber you can now get your pick up address and destination address before you accept ride it helps limit your destination filter use until you really need it.


Plus $5.00cash tip😎👍