Destination filter back to 2



A Uber rep called me today saying they're going to get back with it after some fixing in the algorithm.
At first I was suspicious cause they never call us but apparently it was the real deal. Maybe because I sent a message complaining about it before knowing it wasn't a bug in the system.
Anyone else got a call from them?


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They both are hit or miss that's why they need more than 2. Riders are waiting too long is such a joke there's a million drivers out there.

That was just an excuse they used to make the change back to the old way. I only used the filter option once I get a jersey trip to get back to NY or just to get rides heading back to my house.


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I called them and one of their ants explain to me that they will fix it and they are doing some improvements. Not that I ever use more than 2 destinations but I like to make them some headache. LOL

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Well they technically did say 180 days of change..

if they change something and change something back to what it originally was that's considered change no?
This is what they meant:

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Uber is a joke.

Regardless if you use it or not. They made it such a big deal, that this was a part of the 180 days of change, that this is something we, the drivers, really wanted, blah blah blah...and before the 180 days is over, they take it back.
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