Destination feature update!!! Going back to 2 destination limit.

Destination feature going back to original destination limit of 2 destinations per day.
Hope this will bring the old good days back.


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Drivers have been complaining on this forum for as long as I can remember... so, when were those "old good days"? If things are worse now than then, some drivers' as$3s have spiderwebs.


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It is weird because I would sometimes use the destination feature only because I was not getting any pings downtown,fast enough 3to 4 would be good,2 is not enough.


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I wish the drop off feature makes a come back with the 2 destinations.

The drop off-2 Destination combo was killer.

If all the drivers decide to give support a call asking for that feature we would definitely get it. Basically the market here in Canada is 75% GTA and the rest of Canada chips in with the drivers of Toronto will be heard.

I’ve already done my part in talking to Support.


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The introduction of 6 destinations feature cause a great reduction in number of trips, due to alot of drivers being taken out of the city core on longer trips.
Don't think Uber wants that.
4 would be ideal
Or maybe Uber can tailor these feature based on amount of trips taken per day.
More trips more destination features.

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"It increased wait times for rides..."

Does this mean:
1. The pax had to wait longer to be picked up, or
2. We had to wait longer between drop off and getting our next fare?

If it's #2, then yeah, by all means; go back to 2 times.


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destination back to 2 will work as normal before. it was changed back for a reason, if you guys dont notice than consider yourself a minion.

drop off zone filter will not be returning. this has been confirmed