Des Moines Jobs


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Have any of you noticed, while you are out driving around, that there are signs all over Des Moines "Help Wanted"?

I was in Hy-Vee a month ago. I ran into a manager and I asked about jobs. He told me that if 40 people walked in the store (qualified - clean, half-a-lick of sense) and apply, he would hire them on the spot.

B-Bops has a standing sign of help wanted. Walgreens "help wanted".

I was in Walgreens picking up some photos. I noticed some manager type showing some lady in bleached out pathetic hair (looking rough) how to organize stuff on a shelf. She was in "training". As I left the store, I asked the lady at the register as I nodded toward the "trainee" - new hire? The register lady said yeah, do you notice anything about her? Yes, I do. Register lady said "she's a tweaker" "she's tweaking now... she won't last a week" and she didn't.