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Depending on economic area, drivers might be stuck with mostly Pool?

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The startup offers more than just cars now, and it’s starting to understand the trade-offs between price, speed, convenience and comfort amidst its multi-modal fleet.

Modeled exactly like the dollar menu at McDonald's.


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Look at the first picture in the article.
This for people who can't walk 8 blocks from home to work and need someone else to determine and advise them regarding the difficult decision of other ways of transporting themselves 8 blocks.

Then again, I took someone 8 blocks this morning.
They paid Uber $11. But they were also in violation of the terms of their agreement because they were under 18 and too lazy to walk to their high school.
If I ever paid someone $11 because I did not want to walk 8 blocks as a teenager I think my dad would have beat me senseless.