Delivering to one of my FWB...


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I had a delivery one night and with how big my city is, I didn't think it'd be going to someone I knew. Let alone, this very specific guy. It was funny (to me) but awkward (for him, apparently). We hook up every once in a while and we haven't seen each other in months. He thought it was awkward because he had another girl there. Naaah, I'm out here trying to make $$, don't care about who he beds. Yes, he tipped me. He's my friend, he better tip me! That's my best UberEATS story. Anyone have anything similar happen? Lol.


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You didn't stay and sample the cuisine????

I'm thinking the awkwardness...

Was not from the cuisine...

Butt...from the sharing aspects....

Of the situation....

This would be a GREAT time...

To be a fly on a wall....8>)

Now back to your regularly scheduled sitcom...

I love Lucy meets 90210.....8>)



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So, pics & instagram of everyone involved in this "story"

Our text was through Instagram. I hate texting with my phone number to people I don't really care about.

People love to doubt. I should have posted the convo alongside my original post. And if you still doubt it, that's on you. I'm not going to post pics of us nor our Instagrams. Why? This is a forum (which means, trolls and @@@@@@bags) and I prefer to stay an anonymous poster. Plus, being a parent, you really think I am going to put my family at risk of torment by posting anything remotely personal about me that could be trackable? No. If you're so interested in finding out who exactly I am, you can do that on your own time.


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