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Delete and reinstall ubereats app

Discussion in 'UberEATS' started by PcRuler, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. PcRuler


    Not getting far with support. they say i need to delete and reinstall ubereats for making uber eats deliveries. but then said the rideshare driver and delivery app is the same. and ubereats app is for ordering..
    SO do i need
    Uber Driver
    or Ubereats intalled

    as im aware Uber ( if you need a ride somewhere)
    uber driver (drive passenger or eats orders)
    uber eats (order food youself)
  2. Ubereats is for ordering food only, you don't have to install that one. As a driver you only need Uber Driver which is currently the app with the blue Uber logo.
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  3. dlearl476


    Unless they've changed it in the last two months, there's a completely different app for delivery only.

    With Uber Driver, you can select any one of the services you're qualified for:
    • X
    • Select
    • XL
    • SKI
    • Black
    • Or EATS

    With the delivery app, you can only do deliveries. (EATS in most markets. EATS and packages in a few)

    Be careful with that. After my 2002 car no longer qualified for X/SKI. Customer service told me to delete the Driver app and install the Delivery app. I found out the hard way that I can no longer access any of my data from last year when I was driving X/SKI, and EATS.
  4. 911 Guy

    911 Guy

    Same app, different options. If you are approved for delivery only, that will be your only option. If you are approved for X & Eats, you'll have the delivery option as well as X/Poo.

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