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You probably experienced two or more PAX arguing, perhaps even to the point of violence. That's even more likely between 2 UberPool strangers.

An autonomous car should be legally responsible for preventing bodily injury to PAX, even assaults from another PAX. The autonomous car cannot claim non-interference "due to fear for its life". Guns are legally prohibited by Uber. So the autonomous car will be forced to subdue aggressive PAX using another method: :biggrin:
  • Electrified seat
  • Ejection seat (personal favorite)
  • Bow and Arrow
  • Blow Gun (with poison darts, of course)
  • Knives (as long as they're street legal)
  • Automated restraints (they keep tightening if PAX resists)
  • Nerve Gas or non-lethal Knockout Gas or nausea gas (if they don't tip)

The same may be true if a PAX attempts to cause a traffic accident.
Perhaps, if a PAX intentionally damages the vehicle.
What could possibly go wrong? Perhaps, if "defensive measures" malfunction?

P.S. Interesting if Uber adds tipping to the App for Autonomous Cars - LOL
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