Dear Yellow, welcome to uber/lyft/juno hell!


the African

See incorrectly titled thread:

"Uber is Finished."

You guys better start bathing, and driving real good,and keeping your car clean, and handing out mints, gum, water, phone chargers, etc

this is the death blow to yellow.

Next: Uber will start to take cash. Then ALL drivers will be finished.

the African

did you guys ever see the movie "cabin in the woods" well the only character that the "elite" could not trick was the "pothead" character. apparently the THC opens up the brains reason and logic skills.
anyway mother earth gave it to us naturally. Man bans it, but endorses alcohol (man made). I choose nature.


watch the movie. A lot of hidden messages. If you don't see what they are telling you, you will still enjoy the movie.
Inshur New York