Dear City of Houston Traffic Control Divison


You all should be completely embarrassed. I have never seen such a disaster as our traffic control in the city you all seem to screw up the easiest thanks. For example I'm at the corner where you have to traffic control cops @@@@ing vehicle in opposite directions where I have been sitting for 20 minutes and be idiots have been letting every other car go. You shut down roads down to one lane for no reason. You shut off the main thoroughfares for no reason. You all are atrocious if they could give a grade less than F you would get it. I had to let a passenger cancel on me because I couldn't get to her because I can't move because you all have zero education on how to do your job. And now I've had to sign off because I don't want to get another trip as I'm sitting here with one of the traffic cop that has his Apple earbuds in.

Mayor Turner, you need to fire whatever person is running this department because they either have no clue what they are doing or they just sit around the office all day surfing the Internet because this is by far the worst day I have driven for the city and there's been busier days in this.

For the fourth largest City in the nation we have the traffic and highway system of a backwards country @@@@ town.

You have completely ruined my chance to make life-changing money LOL. (I had to say it lol)


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FWIW I drove a pax from Woodland Heights to Sugar land at 8:45. After dropping him off I got a ping from the Skeeters ballpark. 30 minutes later of complete cluster @@@ traffic nightmare I found my passengers. I would have cancelled but I was stuck with nowhere to go and couldn't get to the ballpark since it was all one way. Big events are tough.