Deals for drivers in the city.



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Hi all,

Is there any place in the city that does deals for car-wash services for Taxi and Uber drivers? What about gas stations?

Edgard Bocio

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I live in jersey and i get it done here for $53 per month , unlimited car wash, vaccum and amoral inside and amoral on tires... in ny is more expensive.. they have $70 just exterior car wash and vaccum on w 46 st and 12 ave

Edgard Bocio

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not really sure about monthly plan but there are always car washes with tlc specials.. i think there is one in long island city


There's one by 33rd and Rawson in the gas station next to School of Aeronautics
mostly Black car/Yellow lined up for a wash think they might have a special for
TLC cars, never asked if there was a discount , I used to pass by there during
the taxi trivia prep class :wink:
Inshur New York